The IPRT technology company boiled the ginger tea of the warmth for front-line employees
27 2022.Dec

After the winter solstice, the temperature dropped sharply and the chill burst, the IPRT Technology Company launched a heart-warming ginger tea activity with the theme of "'Ginger' You Pamper, Meet the Good Time of Winter". Let front-line employees feel the warmth brought by the company in the cold winter and experience the careful and heart-warming service.

Although the cold wind is fierce, it cannot resist the footsteps of AIPRT Company to send the care, and the biting cold cannot meet the warm hearts of employees. The company arrange personnel to send the winter care and the warmth to the front-line employees!

The brewing steaming ginger tea for frontline employees and delivering it to the workshop.

The colleagues of the administration department gave the hot ginger tea that had been brewed for 3 hours to the employees who stayed in the front-line production workshop one by one, and brought them love and condolences!

Through this is a activity, the majority of front-line workshop employees can feel the warmth in winter, so that the workshop truly becomes a happy harbor in the hearts of employees, and the winter ginger tea delivery activity will continue to be carried out in the future. Be a strong backing for employees, continue to unite the strong synergy of all the employees to fight the epidemic, ensure safety, promote production, and ensure the stability and smooth flow of the production.


The effect of the ginger tea has the effect of sweating, stopping vomiting, warming the lungs and relieving cough. For wind chills and colds with mild fever, severe chills, headaches, sore bones throughout the body, and watery nose, the drinking ginger tea can help heal colds.

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