Unite and start a new - IPRT Technology Starts!
30 2023.Jan

The Spring Festival holiday is full of energy

Start to a new journey

New Year, new atmosphere

Strive for creating the future

IPRT Technology wishes every struggler

Success in all things

The ninth day of the first lunar month, the first day of starting, Dai Huajun, the general manager of the company, sent blessings to everyone for the New Year! Cordially shake hands and communicate with employees, encourage everyone to make greater contributions to the development of IPRT with more enthusiasm in the new year, and send red envelopes to all employees.

In a joyous atmosphere, all employees started their work with a full of vitality in 2023.

We are in a very difficult time, it's time to struggle!

2023, let's

Enthusiasm like a torch, and the steps are solid

Go all out to show the “strength "!

Go forward and work together to create a wonderful chapter!

——Xiamen IPRT Technology Co., Ltd

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