Vice President of Xiamen CPPCC Li Qinhui and others visited IPRT Technology for investigation and guidance
14 Oct 2022

On the morning of October 11th, Li Qinhui, vice President of Xiamen CPPCC, and others visited IPRT Technology for investigation and guidance. Dai Huajun, general Manager of the company, Lu Zijun, vice general Manager, Lin Haoyong and other senior leaders warmly received and accompanied the investigation.


During the investigation, general Manager Dai Huajun reported the basic situation, development history and service achievements of the enterprise in detail.


Vice President Li Qinhui communicated with the general manager on the important points in the development process of IPRT Technology, spoke highly of the contribution and achievement of IPRT Technology in the professional development and manufacturing of printers, stressed that research and development should be able to withstand loneliness, concentrate to make more scientific and technological achievements transformation.


Later, Vice President Li Qinhui and others visited the production workshop on the fourth floor and the product R&D and testing laboratory on the fifth floor of IPRT Technology, to further understand the comprehensive strength of IPRT technology in printer R&D and manufacturing technology, and fully affirmed the work achievements of IPRT Technology.


In addition, Vice president Li Qinhui also had an in-depth understanding of the difficulties existing in the development of the company and the matters that need the help of the government. The government will give strong support and cooperation to ensure the increase in production and efficiency of the company and help the company grow bigger and stronger.


In the future, IPRT Technology will actively respond to the policy call, constantly strengthen the investment in scientific and technological innovation and R&D, steadily improve product quality and service level, and strive to create a new highland in the development of printer industry, and strive to become a benchmark enterprise in the printing industry.

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