Zhang Yigong, Deputy secretary of Xiamen Municipal Party Committee, was presented IPRT Technology research
29 Sep 2022

On the morning of September 23, 2022, Zhang Yigong, Deputy Secretary of Xiamen Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of Tongan District Party Committee, Kang Zizhan, member of the Standing Committee of Xiamen Tongan District Party Committee and Director of the District Party Committee Office, Huang Zunan, Deputy Head of Xiamen Tongan District Government and other leaders visited Xiamen IPRT Technology Co., Ltd. for research and guidance, and to inspect the production and operation of the enterprise and the epidemic prevention and control work. And understand the enterprise in the production and operation of the need for government coordination and solution. Dai Huajun, General Manager of the company, and senior executives of the company accompanied the investigation and conducted discussions.


During the survey, Secretary Zhang Yigong visited the office building and production workshop of IPRT Technology, and General Manager Dai Huajun introduced the overall development of the enterprise and the brand.


Secretary Zhang had a detailed understanding of the performance, production and sales of various series of products of Ayin, and listened to the company's future development plans and goals.


Secretary Zhang fully affirmed the company's development achievements in recent years, and at the same time put forward the enterprise to do a good job in production safety, strive for steady development, actively explore new products and new markets of the guidance, hope that the enterprise do a goog job in the existing business at the same time, can make layout planning in advance.


In addition, Secretary Zhang Yigong also had an in-depth understanding of the epidemic prevention and control situation of the company, focusing on the impact and difficulties caused by the epidemic, as well as matters needing government assistance to solve. The government will give strong support and cooperation to ensure the increase in production and efficiency of the company, and help the company grow bigger and stronger.


District Party committee leadership this investigation guides the work successfully.

As an enterprise, only by continuous innovation and breakthrough can it stand out in the market competition and achieve better development. IPRT Technology will seize the market opportunity, introduce more high-level talents, and strive to create excellent Chinese brands.


IPRT Technology


Xiamen IPRT Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015. It is a professional manufacturer of thermal labels, thermal transfer labels, bill printers and dot matrix printers, which integrates R&D, manufacturing, sales and service.


IPRT has obtained more than 60 patents in the field of printers, is a comprehensive grasp of the core technology of printers and the formation of large-scale production enterprises.

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