IPRT arranged 2022 annual physical examination for all employees free of charge
07 Dec 2022

In order to protect the health of employees, enhance enterprise cohesion, and fully reflect the company's care for employees, Xiamen IPRT Technology Co., Ltd. arranged free 2022 annual physical examination for all employees.

On the morning of December 4th, 2022, Xiamen Boai Hospital team of physical examination carried out physical examination for the staffs of the IPRT technology in IPRT technology company, to further care for and protect the health of the staff. More than 400 employees of the company participated in the physical examination.

The items of this physical examination include: blood test, abdominal color ultrasound, lung DR, urine routine, liver function, kidney function, bile function, blood lipid, blood pressure, height and weight, etc. The Personnel and Administration Department of the company promoted the work in an orderly manner, made overall arrangements, and conducted physical examination in different locations to ensure that the coverage rate of physical examination of employees reached 100%. The Administration Department also specially arranged nutritious breakfasts, it's a very loving thing !

In the process of physical examination, doctors communicate with employees to understood their physical conditions, answered their doubts, reminded them to pay attention to their physical and mental health, strengthened their awareness of self-warning and protection, gradually develop good living habits, and improve the effect of disease prevention.

After the physical examination, doctors worked overtime to form the physical examination report according to the physical examination results, so that employees can have a detailed understanding of their health status and specific health guide suggestions.

The physical examination reflects the company's "people-oriented" corporate culture concept, further improve the sense of belonging of employees, so that employees can be full of spirit and solid body into the production.

Through this physical examination activity, all employees can timely understand their own health status, improve the awareness of self-health care; It also plays a positive role in promoting the effective prevention of occupational diseases and the construction of healthy enterprises.

Healthy work, happy life, improve the quality of life, IPRT in action!

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