We send warmly the antigen to the customers in winter solstice, IPRT Company guards everyone's reunion by heart
23 2022.Dec

Recently, about ‘epidemic patient’, related topic are trending, have become the focus of attention.

In this national anti-Yang day, a box of antipyretic medicine, a few antigenic reagents, and few N95 masks, tend as the best witness of friendship and love.

Antipyretic drugs and antigen kits have become "hot goods", many people want to buy but cannot buy them.

We do see responsibility in rainy to be taking, we stand firm in taking action.

IPRT technology purchased urgently a batch of scarce antigen materials, used to be sent to the customers.

Actions speak louder than words.

December 22nd wasthe winter solstice, Lu Zijun, the deputy general manager of the company, arranged for personnel to urgently send antigen materials! Guarding customer reunions with our heart!


Even if the strength is small, do your best! The saying "send it today, by all means" shows the responsibility and responsibility of entrepreneurs!

We can see great love in Epidemic time, we can see truth in the subtle..

IPRT always stand up at critical moments, do a good job in service, and bring security to customers!

In the cold winter, every material is a care, and we are committed to building the strongest security line for customers who trust IPRT.

Firm faith

In the same boat

Love and hope spread faster than the virus

No winter is insurmountable,

There is also not a spring that will not come.

Through thick and thin, we overcome difficulties together

IPRT has been there all the time.

In the future, IPRT will continue to practice its mission and responsibility with practical actions to create value for customers and wealth for the society.

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